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Wired To Follow

Wired to Follow

Likened to Sonic Youth crossed with Brian Eno, Getintothis’ Paul Higham takes a peek into the science fiction sounds of the galactically-minded Wired To Follow.

Wired To Follow are a conceptual Merseyside-based duo making experimental post-rock soundscapes that fuse avant-garde rock with ambient dissonance while evoking the spirit of the early electronic sonic pioneers.

We can reveal their latest track, Constructor, taken from the forthcoming debut LP, Read Write Execute which is set for release on 2 April.

The track seemingly has no beginning and no end, emerging fully formed and ending with a blunt abruptness. A cacophonous noise gives way to a persistent beat which provides structure around which delicious sonic waves are delicately added.

It shimmers and glides with a seemingly chaotic hypnotism, a howling flux of tension and release as sound passes seamlessly across an open soundstage. The duo – who consider themselves more a collaborative musical project than a band – have a strong science fiction influence with their second EP having been described as ‘music for the galactically inclined‘ and their third EP, 90Y, taking its name from an episode of The Twilight Zone.

Indeed, Constructor brings to mind the inventive and otherworldly spirit of The BBC Radiophonic Workshop. One reviewer has suggested that their music might be what Sonic Youth might have sounded like had they been locked in a room with Brian Eno.

On this listen, such an assessment doesn’t sound too wide of the mark.  




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