The Aleph: Swinging Mary

The Aleph - aka Ben Fair and Jon Hering

The Aleph – aka Ben Fair and Jon Hering

Ben Fair and Jon Hering combine on new wonky pop band The Aleph, Getintothis’ Peter Guy jerks off.

There’s a vast thread of wonky pop that’s emanated from the banks of the Mersey.

From 60s beat lyricists The Scaffold to cult icons Half Man Half Biscuit and Deaf School through to Space, Wave Machines and more recently the likes of Balloons, Seal Cub Clubbing Club and Lovecraft. But perhaps the de facto ringleaders of chaotic pop and willfully obtuse melodica are musical merry-go-round a.P.A.t.T.

Two of a.P.A.t.T‘s former conspirators, Jon Hering and Ben Fair (both have contributed to Ex-Easter Island Head in recent times), have this evening dropped a morass of jaunty, wurlitzing organs, jerky rhythms and stiff beats.

Of additional interest is the slightly unnerving artwork created by Organ Freeman skipper Simon Gabriel – more of which can be found here – while the track’s been mixed by Outfit front man Andrew PM Hunt – another former a.P.A.t.T dude. Incestuous bunch.




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