Introducing: Kids on Bridges

Kids on Bridges

Kids on Bridges

With a Top 30 album in the bag and ahead of their appearance at Liverpool Threshold Festival this weekend, Getintothis’ Craig MacDonald takes a look at Electronica Rock merchants Kids on Bridges.

Displaying a huge statement of intent and unleashing a tidal wave of honesty to confront issues many shy away from, October 2014 saw the release of Kidology on Wall of Sound from Liverpool-based trio Kids on Bridges. Setting their stall out with early singles Walls and Bankers to Feed new single, When The Needle Drops, is another injection of truth that has awoken people’s minds with an electro belt to the head.

Like an electrically charged hybrid between Depeche Mode, New Order and David Bowie, it’s quite boggling how the three piece have stayed relatively stealth until recently. The hooks and beats that the band produces enmesh you in a filthy net of electro-rock that charges you to bursting point.

The third single from Kidology, When The Needle Drops, is a funked electronic groove that features the vocals of Shea Seger and is instantly addictive. Easily the most electro offering from the band to date, at times it sounds like a mix of Trans-era Neil Young mixed in to Daft Punk.

The lyrical content reveals another taste of the band’s take on the times we find ourselves in, this time citing the modern norm of putting style over substance. Thankfully this is one trait that the band that are not guilty of.

Hailing from Ormskirk and having built up on a loyal and well established fan base in the North West, it’s with good justification that a few more people’s eyes and ears are now opening up to them. With a supporting slot for recent Grammy Winner Beck and a UK tour now completed, the trio now head home to their Liverpool base in what is sure to be one of the highlights of this weekend’s Threshold Festival.




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