Introducing: Deliah



Ahead of their imminent Threshold Festival spot, Getintothis’ Matt Woods uncovers Deliah’s unique sounds and varied mix of influences.

Delving into an eclectic mix of influence, Liverpool based two-piece Deliah (pronounced Dee-Lee-Ah) offer a unique blend of contemporary RnB.

Following gigs around the country including The Jazz Bar in Camden and a Bay TV performance, Michelle Harris (vocals) and Alex Dopierala (guitar) are taking powerful strides in the right direction.

Their latest track Spying On Life certainly exhibits the band’s diverse taste with a mellow jam that dabbles in classic RnB, soul and contemporary alternative rock. The track opens with a smooth synth, akin to the Fender Rhodes sound, layered with tight snares and a meaty bass; a polished sound from the off.

It is the guitar riff, with its roots in the likes of Foals and early Peace, that may seem at first a little incongruous. However, this is indeed part of the duo’s charm, combining the contemporary with the classically established, and the riff slips nicely into the tracks groove accompanied by some technical hi-hat work.

Harris poses a considerable vocal ability that can add another smooth, sleek layer to the mix in typical noughties RnB fashion. Additionally, we’re exposed to Harris’ certain sass and boldness in her delivery later in the track, “We can try but we can’t hide from ourselves” she asserts, taking her vocal range up a notch.

The track ends a promisingly as it begins; an impressive display of vocal layering, well-executed drum fills and a neat riff alteration that hails back to the chorus melody. While as a duo, the band offer acoustic and vocal talent, it seems as a full outfit they can properly display their abilities. Harris’ vocals thrive on the energy of the instruments around her and the addition of synth and bass truly emulates the band’s intentions.

Deliah are set to play this year’s Threshold Festival on March 28, plus an appearance at LIPA’s 2Tube Extra on April 16.

Photo from Deliah’s Facebook page




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