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Bantam Lions

Bantam Lions

With hints of new material Bantam Lions drops ghetto house teaser Up To You, Getintothis’ Phil Morris gets deep with the multi faceted artist.

The man behind the Bantam Lions moniker is Mike Carney, member of The Royal Standard artist collective and co-publisher of Drawing Paper, a Liverpool Art Prize nominated journal, that is solely concerned with the practise of modern drawing.

As Bantam Lions, Mike has nurtured a fruitful relationship with Liverpool based dance label Scenery Records.  The maturing independent ran by Stu Robinson (ASOK) has championed an entirely local output of artists since its formation in 2012. Scenery recently released Bantam Lions most significant work to date, 2014’s Recollections EP, a 12“ Balearic-tinged exploration into post hip-house.

This cosy arrangement is likely to continue with a potential album-length release with Scenery slated for the autumn. Short Stories is the tentative working title given to a disparate but diverse collection of songs. Comprising of new material and choice cuts derived from the artists’ accumulated efforts, the dance floor focused release will also feature recent offering Up To You. 
In a notable departure from the fluid groove of Recollections, Bantam Lions shamelessly embraces the old school with Up To You. Shuffling delays blend with 909 claps and funky, repetitive top lines to create something altogether more immediate and infectious. The nostalgia laced edit is inspired by a bootleg recording of legendary Derby Road nightclub Quadrant Park and was conceived as part of a larger body of sounds for Model during Liverpool Biennial.
Bantam Lions conspires to convey a snapshot of 90’s club energy with the lo-fi production warmth that is fondly reminiscent of the egalitarian approach stylised by vintage Chicago House. We find ourselves longing to experience this track in the gritty Motor City underground, or perhaps inside the bowels of Cream, decidedly off our cakes, amidst a thousand sweaty regulars.
Bantam Lions is turning heads, having gradually gained notoriety from a growing repertoire of releases. NTS Radio’s Charlie Bones spinning his material is testament to this potential. Carney continues to explore the deep house arena, whimsically experimenting with style and expression.




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