Introducing: AGP



Mysterious Merseysider delivers dark synthetic mysticism with a dose of 21st Century krautrock, Getintothis’ Lauren Jones rides the electronic waves.

Smothered by an ethereal blanket, Liverpool producer AGP creates euphoric electronica so chilled it’s no doubt been created in the top shelf of a refrigerator.

Freshly squeezed from AGP we are opened up to a world of numbing rejection, swamped by a stoner’s paradise wrapped in raw vulnerability and synthetic mysticism.

Surfacing at dawn his latest track, Couldn’t grapples painful vibrations, beating like the last moments of life, magnifying danger until it’s thrilling finale.

Evolving into some kind of dark lullaby atop a sulky parasitic vocal it throws up chilling imagery of submerged bodies gasping for breath amid the gurgling undulations. Finally, a bit of Liverpool 21st Century krautrock to get our teeth into.




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