By The Sea, Veyu, Kalandra, Tear Talk: Infernia at The Kazimier, Liverpool


inferno fire performer kazimier
Infernia promised a smoking banquet of live music and visual artistry, Getintothis’ Michael Fowler reflects on a night which blows hot and cold.

Transforming events into something off the chain is what Liverpool promoters, everisland do. They do it well. Two months ago they turned the Williamson Tunnels into a surreal sea life centre, with oceanic monsters and jelly fish at every turn; Aquaria was as spooky as it was cool.
Tonight at Infernia they came into some trouble with venue changes (the Baltic Triangle‘s Kitchen Street venue, the original setting), but everisland, as standard, delivered another night of otherworldly delights in The Kazimier.
tear talk infernia kazimier
Tear Talk performing live at The Kazimier
Tear Talk started the night quietly. A sunny day kept many Infernia goers away for the beginning, and perhaps it was the subdued atmosphere but Tear Talk‘s slow guitar tunes felt unmoving and unstirring, like The xx without the promise of any late night sex. With a bigger crowd, and maybe a drop more enthusiasm, the Tear Talk boys still have the beginnings of something stirring.
kalandra infernia jkazimier
Kalandra performing live at The Kazimier
The venue started to fill and Kalandra roused the crowd, their Celtic, tantric chanting and hard guitar sound evoked something with those in attendance flooding to the pit. However, we felt we were the only person missing out; their guitars feel dated and dull while the constant vocal wails are unremitting and irritating. To their credit, their mini army of fans provide a feel-good vibe as the evening began to awaken from a slumberous beginning.
With the Infernia creatures flouting about the venue with incense and seductive moves it brought back memories of Aquaria in the Tunnels, and while tonight lacked the intensity of the earlier event, the Kazimier offering was perhaps more intimate, as those around imitated the element they were playing with: fire.
infernia performer kazimier
The Three Moons Creative girls portraying the creatures, growling and thrashing at the attendees like flames, consumed in their fiery characters. One burning goddess lay like a Cleopatra, watching over all proceedings of the night. Over a downbeat commisioned track by GIT Award One To Watch winner, Lapsley, the dancers doubled their image through a screen and made a freaky flame show before calling the Infernia goddess from her rest. The goddess declared fire from the ashes and the night truly began.
veyu infernia kazimier
Veyu performing live at The Kazimier
Veyu played in front of some volcanic visuals, and charged the crowd with a large and energetic set. The band have shown much potential and their songbooks sees melodies rise and build aligned to some sharp guitar trickery.
Shoegaze, surf guitar boys, By the Sea, own the evening with an awesome set. Their Stone Roses-style hooks, entrance the crowd and set them alight. After being away for a while the band have come back tighter and brimming with a newly-found confidence.
by the sea infernia kazimier
By The Sea performing live at The Kazimier
Those who went to the first everisland chronicle will know it felt unfathomably deep and while the inferno at the Kaz wasn’t the wildfire we expected it was enough of a spark to stir up the next two events in 2014’s calendar. We’ll keep our ear to the earth for Subterranea and brace ourselves for the winds of Cyclonia, we’re sure they’ve got something pretty special in store.
Pictures by Getintothis‘ Tomas Adam
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