East India Youth, Jupiter C: Korova, Liverpool


East India Youth
East India Youth has already set a marker down for the coming year, Getintothis’ Laurie Cheeseman finds an artist at ease with a world of his own making.

Responsible for one of the first essential albums of the Year of our Lord 2014 in the shape of Total Strife Forever, East India Youth plays one of the first must-see shows after the January dry-spell.
After his top-notch slot supporting Factory Floor last year, it’s fascinating to see how his first headline show in Liverpool will play out.
Judging from the number of people who have opted to start their night of hedonism at the Korova a lot of other people are intrigued too.
Entering with his by-now trademarked doom laden (and ever-so-subtly menacing) ambience, all lofty arp chords and piano stabs. William Doyle cuts a striking figure on stage, filling the room like a mystic raven in the backlit setup on his one-man mission to intrigue and beguile.
East India Youth
East India Youth at Korova, Liverpool
Seamless segueing between the glitch of Taking Down and the strangely ebullient, post-everything pop of Looking For Someone that makes up much of oeuvre, he ratchets up the wanton urgency gently but noticeably in a gentle blanket of billowing fug and wistfulness.
Ultimately, it all come to head in the techno of Hinterland – beautifully mirroring his previous Kazimier set while avoiding the boredom that could so easily arise from playing similar (the same?) sets.
Jupiter C
Jupiter C at Korova, Liverpool
It’s always good when a support complements but doesn’t ape the headline act’s line of attack – this is the case with Jupiter C. Minimal set-up – check. Stark rhythms – check. Added post-punk angst? Check. Good to go then.
Ethereal at times, yet oddly rooted by the And Gil-esque squalls it all comes to a head during the black fog of their small hours, bedroom’n’b. Where most bands come off cringely smooth during those moments, Jupiter C seem oddly abrasive (certainly a refreshing change) and naïve.
Pictures by Getintothis’ Jack Thompson.
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