Esco Williams: Breaking Bones


Esco Williams returns with his first new material in sometime, ahead of his East Village Arts Club show, Getintothis’ Sean Bradbury reflects on a back to basics beauty.

This much we already know: Esco Williams is pretty much capable of anything and has tried it all.
If there has been a pattern to his play recently, it is the playful energy of his “soul-powered nerd” persona; most of his material delivered with a smile and a spring in the step.
This is very different. He’s been under the radar for a while but has re-emerged to bare his heart and JsOul on stripped down, back to basics beauty Breaking Bones.
And it is serious stuff: “Don’t see the point in fighting anymore/We’re always trying to be something/When we are who we are.
Breaking Bones is delicately constructed with tonal and contextual ambiguity. “What will become of love?” Are Esco’s words tinged with regret or marked by hope? Do broken bones really grow back stronger?
Haunting chords are caught in an uncertain ether, laying a platform for shiver-inducing vocal cadences that knock you off your feet before gently cushioning your fall.
Have a listen. It might bring you to tears but you’ll feel all the better for it.

Esco Williams plays East Village Arts Club on Saturday 25 January, 6pm, for more details visit here.
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