Stealing Sheep flock to Kazimier to host mythological Christmas bash


Stealing Sheep offer themselves up to the Ice Dragon for the first of a series of extravaganzas celebrating the weird, wonderful and other-worldly.

They are adept at creating new and mysterious worlds through their music, but now Stealing Sheep are going one further by staging Mythopoeia – Night Of The Ice Dragon on Saturday December 14 at the Kazimier.
Ice Dragon will the first of a series of nights that look at and portray established adaptations and newly-formed myths and stories. Stealing Sheep are set to lure you into the ice lair of a sleeping dragon and a world made of their own creation.
As the group themselves put it “After 1000 years spent sleeping the dragon awakes to breathe good fortune to all that dare to charm it. Come adorned in precious stones, jewels & coins to celebrate the night of the Ice Dragon…
Sounds ominious, and consider yourself lucky to be in the know because this will be one of the most memorable nights of the year.
Action from Stealing Sheep’s 2012 Christmas party at the Kazimier
As well as a performance from Stealing Sheep, who will be performing songs written specially for the show, other stage-gracers include Bird, The Harlequin Dynamite Marching Band, Kalax and DJ Jacques of UpItUp Records.
Guests should come dressed in jewels and dragon treasure as characters from mythology mix with performances and musical collaborations in preparation for the riotous party that hails the awakening of the slumbering beast.
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Pictures by Getintothis’ Matthew Thomas.
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