Voodoo Ball swings into Kazimier for Halloween


Rebel Soul and Misturado conjure up a night of fearsome and ancient magic at the Kazimier.

Do you remember Papa Shango, the erstwhile WWF character kitted out like a cross between Baron Samedi and some kind of voodoo death priest?
His ability to make black ooze leak from beaten and prone opponent’s mouths had a young Getintothis hiding behind the couch and afraid to turn off the lights, lest that leering skull-painted face leer at us in the dark.
Well, if that kind of primal, organic fear floats your boat, then Rebel Soul have lined up the perfect night for you.
The Voodoo Ball will be digging up fresh graves at the Kazimier on Saturday October 26.
Promising an alternative Halloween spectacle, Voodoo Ball urges you to cast off your shadows and abandon your beliefs, having them reshaped via a cabaret of chaos and other devilish delights.
It is a celebration of the ancient and timeless native traditions of West African, Haitian and New Orleans music and culture.
The night features an absolute wealth of musical talent including The Fire Beneath The Sea, DJ Jacques of UpItUp Records, The Bad Twins, Richie Vegas, Batala and many more besides.
Those of a nervous disposition need not apply. We suggest a quick glance through The Serpent and The Rainbow so as to find out what you are letting yourself in for.
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