Holy Mountain to scale the heights at Lomax


Glasgow’s Holy Mountain combine the power of Sabbath and frenzy of Lightning Bolt and they’re in Liverpool this week.

Ever worry that your life just isn’t LOUD enough? Like maybe your ear drums are on the cusp of perforation but need one final sonic boom to finish them off, Mortal Kombat-style?
Well, worry no more you audio-centric sado-masochist, because Holy Mountain have vaulted over Hadrian’s Wall and are on a good old fashioned rampage across Britain.
They stop at Liverpool’s Lomax on Thursday October 17.
Historically the Scots have always been regarded as resilient fighters and the Glasgow trio carry on their ancestor’s traditions with pulverising, breakneck music.
Fans of Motorhead, Black Sabbath, Kyuss and MC5, pick your feet up and get down there. This gig will be enough to solidify your faith in volume and viscera.
Support comes from similarly-minded speed and noise freaks Rungs, Avenging Force and Digits.
With tickets at a measly £4, this could be the bargain of the year.

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