The Fall, Evil Blizzard, The Temps: East Village Arts Club – picture gallery


The Fall 3.jpg
Mark E Smith and a whole host of gruesome creatures take to East Village Arts Club’s stage, Getintothis’ Matt Thomas enters the chamber of horrors.

The Temps 4.jpg
The Temps provided an early all-action display
The Temps 5.jpg
The Temps 6.jpg
The Temps 7.jpg
Blizzard 1.jpg
Before proceedings took a turn for the bizarre as Evil Blizzard entered the fray
Blizzard 3.jpg
Blizzard 4.jpg
Blizzard 2.jpg
Blizzard 5.jpg
Blizzard 7.jpg
Blizzard 9.jpg
Blizzard 10.jpg
The Fall 1.jpg
And finally The Fall rounded off a night of visual and aural mayhem
The Fall 2.jpg
The Fall 3.jpg
The Fall 4.jpg
The Fall 8.jpg
The Fall 12.jpg
The Fall 13.jpg
The Fall 15.jpg




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