Liverpool Sound City 2013: Whales in Cubicles, Nadine Carina, Towns, Swimming Lessons, Korda Marshall, Birthday Girl: The Epstein Theatre, Brooklyn Mixer, Kazimier Gardens, Brink, Leaf


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Getintothis’ Dru Ryder runs out of superlatives and sonic comparisons as acoustic melodies trade with bombastic beats as Sound City 2013 overwhelms with a mountain of music.

Birthday Girl were the perfect accompaniments to a comfy couch session in Leaf as Getintothis began our Sound City marathon in relaxed fashion.
A band of fringes, perfect harmonies and skilful acoustics, the Liverpudlian lads offered uncanny echoes to Fleet Foxes with their smooth strumming.
Korda Marshall stepped up to the mic, over at Brink, taking some deep breaths as the nerves kicked in. Foot stamping aplenty and a Carly Rae Jepson voice to boot, they failed to stand out amid a battering of guitars, leaving the older audience chattering amongst themselves.
Brightening up the dull skies at the Kazimier Gardens, Swimming Lessons delivered acoustic heaven. Quivering voices and pleasant melodies proved that simple is sometimes best.
The 90s Madchester scene was revived with rock band Towns igniting the Brooklyn Mixer with thrashings of guitars and tambourines. Lead vocalist, James threw himself to the floor in the midst of guitar crazy delirium and played a psychedelic solo, throwing his mod hair do backwards and forwards. Lapping up the energy, wailing guitars and catchy bass lines, The ‘Mixer was soon filled with a head banging abandon.
Hypnotic xylophones and the pitter-patter of rain are an unusual combination but for GIT Award 2013 nominee Nadine Carina it came together.
Alternative in every sense of the word, this one-woman DJ/singer/percussionist captivated the Epstein with strange hypnotic noises and plenty of looping. She mixed outer space with ethereal, pushing the boundaries of surrealism in music that bit further.
Pre-performance group hug, and Whales in Cubicles were ready to go. Harsh guitars and raw rock vocals delivered a head smashingly good time.
Over at Studio 2, Korea Rocks was fighting against the K-pop craze of Gangham Style and proving that Korea has a lot more to offer than just Psy, with a line up of bands including Apollo 18 and Galaxy Express.
Apollo 18 blew away the fans with screaming rock vocals and deadly guitar solos, definitely proving that K-rock should be the next new craze. A wipeout that left us weary but positively satiated.




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