JAWS, Soho Riots, The Benisons: Mello Mello, Liverpool


JAWS provide much needed bite as Getintothis’ Terr-Anne Baker endures a sluggish initial start to her weekend at Mello Mello.

Arriving at Mello on a Friday were were looking forward to leaving the working week behind us and after grabbing a drink, we quickly cosied up to a table near the stage The Benisons.
The quartet presented an indie barrage of monotony, blurring into a collage of bland mediocrity. Like a ready-made Tesco prawn salad they had solid ingredients but very little taste.
Predictable beats and unimaginative riffing made for safe background music barely raising the levels beyond jukebox fodder.
The Benisons live at Mello Mello
Liverpool’s The Soho Riots followed. Named after The National‘s track The Daughters of the Soho Riots, they upped the ante of the evening with Who’s Your Man? a stand out amid rolling drums, bracing guitar riffs and shoots of potential. With a keening crowd watching, it’s early days but they could be ones to watch.
Headliners Birmingham’s JAWS, take their name not from the Spielberg classic but from the recurring Bond villain first appearing The Spy Who Loved Me.
Soho Riots live at Mello Mello
Admittedly the crowd were reluctant to take to the floor due to a slow burning start to the evening but JAWS soon turned that around with their grungy garage quadraphonic display which in turn brought to mind Nirvana and U2.
Breeze displayed high emotional drama, belying the band’s 17-19 age range while Friend Like You and Toucan Surf possessed a youthful vitality.
After a sluggish start JAWS prepped us for the weekend ensuring a Tequila or two were soon on the cards.
Pictures by Getintothis’ Tomas Adam.




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