Outfit: Performance – new video


Outfit’s Performance drops online after FACT Art Of Pop display.

Yep. Here it is. Outfit‘s new video Performance – the first serious fruits from the album of the same name.
Isaac Eastgate‘s the man responsible for melding Andrew Hunt into a scary bird while rubbing greasy fluids into his face.
The band played a three-track set during FACT‘s launch of The Art Of Pop exhibition last week, playing new tracks from their forthcoming debut.
Opener Nothing Big the stand out; providing a pop jab to the arm with exactly the opposite effect to what it’s title suggests; laden with a positively huge hook, Tom’s salacious keys pangs and an instantly catchy chorus, all underpinned by Nick Hunt‘s delightfully frazzled guitar. Boy, can that boy play.

Here’s a couple of snaps from FACT.




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