Sun Drums: Order Of Nothing record release party at Drop The Dumbells


Sun Drums finally set to unveil Order Of Nothing.

At the second time of asking, Sun Drums are set to unleash their new record, Order Of Nothing.
The lads were all set to unveil the new material at a pre-Christmas release party at Wolstenholme Creative Space. However, the venue sadly closed forcing the event to be rescheduled.
Well, that reschedule is now happening at Drop The Dumbells on Slater Street on Friday January 25 – so make a date in your Philofax, kids.
Continuing their evolution into one of Merseyside’s most expressive electronic-hip hop hybrids, Order Of Nothing is an epic vortex of bleak spacial thuds, dancing whispery textures and an intensity few contemporaries can hope to match.
Sun Drums told Getintothis: ‘Order of Nothing is an exploratory music commission created as part of the Inhospitable Landscape exhibition.
At ten minutes long, it is a dark, aggressive and industrial electronic piece that explores themes of alienation, hostility and dystopia to devastating effect. Inspired by a new technological and industrial revolution and the superseding of digital machinery over human labour, the piece begins bleak and mechanical before giving way to a more human kind of fear and isolation.
They’ll be showcasing the new sound alongside The HIVE Collective DJ‘s and Jon Davies’ new electronic vehicle Kepla.
For more details visit the event page.
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