Wet Nuns, Dirty Vagrants, Bad Meds, Stereo Virgins: Shipping Forecast, Liverpool


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Death dick rock from the deep South and Wild West (of Yorkshire). Getintothis’ Dru Ryder revels in the filth.

Hailed as one of the top 20 bands in the world to watch, The Shipping Forecast braced itself for a night of explosive rock, as Wet Nuns brought heavy riffs and hardcore blues to Liverpool.
At first sight, the hell-bent band appear like a top shelf version of The Black Keys, that is until the chaos unravels and you know blues has been taken to another level – a harder and more filthy level imaginable.
This is death-dick-rock from Deep South and Wild West Yorkshire, ladies and gentlemen.
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Guitarist Rob Graham’s in-between banter details drummer Alexis Gotts‘ bowel problems, before roaring his way through songs including Throttle and recent single Why You So Cold?
With their ferocious crazed energy channelling whiskey-soaked women (apparently), their third outing in Liverpool in 2012 was another advert for blues brutality ramped way past 11.
Bad Meds live at the Shipping Forecast.jpg
Bad Meds live at the Shipping Forecast
Support saw Dirty Vagrants kick off the evening with a fun take on punk. Although a bit more savy with their song writing would have helped keep heads nodding for longer. But hey, the 30 free ‘Cup a Soups’ they threw into the crowd seemed to keep everyone happy.
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Wet Nuns live in Liverpool
Stereo Virgins ticked the goth-rock box but a distinct lack of presence filtered through leaving a decidedly beige tone to a set lacking in what the rest of the evening had plenty of – edge.
Bad Meds turned the night around with their 90s skate-punk, revitalising the audience with feisty melodies and cheeky banter. More please.
Getintothis on Wet Nuns at Liverpool Sound City
Getintothis on Wet Nuns with The Bendal Interlude, Stereo Virgins.
Getintothis on Bad Meds.
Pictures by Mike Noble.




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