The Tea Street Band: Disco Lights and The Zanzibar – picture gallery and live video


Tea Street Band James, Timo and Nico light.jpg
The Tea Street Band returned to one of their favourite stamping grounds, The Zanzibar, and Getintothis’ Marie Hazelwood was there to capture the hot, sweaty action.

The Tea Street Band returned to somewhat of a spiritual home for them for the Bank Holiday Fringe Festivalthe Zanzibar.
Scene of many a rock and roll tear-up, the lads blistered through a set leaving the crowd as wet as the sodden soaked streets outside.
The gig served as a warm up for shooting their new video for second single Disco Lights – a shimmering hi-hat-induced party wrecking ball (download it here).
Writing on the band’s blog keyboardist James Albertina, said: ‘We started shooting and to be honest I felt sorry for Timo because with him being the vocalist in the group and this being one of our tracks with words in a lot of the action was centred around him.
‘He dealt with it admirably and be the 5/6th take we were actually starting to have a buzz and get into the whole crazy scenario. Myself personally I have nevered played keyboards so good as I did for the video unplugged and not making any noise as I was. Lee perfected the new technique of ‘soloing’ whilst looking like he was strumming the guitar open handed and Nicko, well let’s just say you’ll be able to tell when watching the video that some us are naturally suited to the video camera and Nick is one of these people!
‘He was everywhere, he loosened the rest of us up with his antics and by 10 bells (after at least 15 run throughs) I was doing elbow slides across the keyboard, Nicko had perfected his lunge and Timo even flashed a few big smiles for the camera!’

The video is due any day soon, in the meantime, enjoy this reflective slice of Liverpool Sound City 2012 action from the Red Bull garage – one of many scene highlights during the festival which saw Wolstenholme Square transform into a warehouse rave forecourt.
The Tea Street Band play Liverpool Sound City’s 2012 wrap party tonight at the Epstein Theatrefor Getintothis‘ full coverage plus Top 10 acts of the festival click here.

Tea Street Band James, Timo and Lee.jpg
The Tea Street Band’s James, Timo and Lee in action at the Zanzibar
Tea Street Band Timo and Nic.jpg
Tea Street Band’s James, Timo and Nic lap it up
Tea Street Band James.jpg
TSB’s James works the synths
Tea Street Band James, Timo and Nico.jpg
Tea Street Band James, Timo and Nico cheering.jpg
Tea Street Band James, Timo and Nico salute the crowd after another storming set

Pictures by Marie Hazelwood




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