MiC LOWRY cover Frank Ocean’s Thinkin About You


MiC Lowry Liverpool boyband Esco Williams.jpg
MiC LOWRY, the freshest vocals to come out of Liverpool all year, cover Odd Future’s break out star, Frank Ocean.

When Getintothis popped along to an impromptu launch of Esco Williams’ Pledge Music album party at Attic earlier this year we had little idea what lay in store.
A room rammed, exuding positivity and a party fit for Prince.
Among the raft of talent on offer was a fresh out the blocks band that exuded class; naturals behind the mic, incredible five-way vocal harmonies, an endearing confidence which didn’t descend into cocksure brattishness and an evident passion for music which refused to stray into cliché.
This band are MiC LOWRY.
MiC Lowry Liverpool boyband Esco Williams music.jpg
Five teenagers – Ben Sharples, Kaine Ofoeme, Akia Jones, Delleile Ankrah and Michael Welch – who formed through Positive Impact‘s community production company.
Under the guidance of Esco Williams, and Positive Impact‘s Barbara Philips, MiC LOWRY are steadily building a healthy fanbase – and given the fruits of their first offering, it’s worth keeping a serious eye on where they go next.
For now, enjoy this little belter, the boy’s got taste.




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