Mother Earth: A Number Of Wolves


mother earth band getintothis liverpool a number of wolves mello.jpg
Mother Earth bring the chops just in time for Mello Mello date.

Riffs. Riffs. Riffs.
Mother Earth specialise in ’em. Part of the fun watching ’em is wondering where Jay and George‘s fingers are going to take us next. It’s like some cyclical endgame where everyone’s a winner. Knight takes pawn, rook takes knight, queen takes rook, and check mate.
Another part is how distinctly low end those bruiser notes are and how they recall happy times and the first time we heard Djed. Miss you Tortoise.
Mother Earth play with NOPE (Runners/That Fucking Tank) and Stock Footage (The Left Hand/Zombina and the Skeletones) on Sunday at Mello Mello.
Full event details here.

Added videos.

Getintothis Mother Earth picture gallery
Getintothis reviews Mother Earth live.




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