Bad Meds: Mad Beds


bad meds liverpool festevol punk skaters.jpg
Bad Meds bringing the good times.

I’ve never really done skating.
I’m not sure whether I was born a couple of years too early, or I’m simply a pussy – but either way getting slammed in the face by a cricket ball or having my ankle ligaments snapped by a left-back chunk seemed a more preferable alternative to jumping on a board and subsequently falling off again.
I do, however, respect the lifestyle. And I was surrounded by dozens of skaters during my Nirvana fetish in my early teens.
Boards and bruises seemed to go hand in hand with Wrestlemania, Megadrives and Warhammer. In between suplexing your best mate on the school field it was always fun sitting off watching mates line up several bricks, a ramp and then speed off only to gash their elbows and knees. Health and Safety wasn’t even invented.
Nowadays, perhaps always, skating seems to have acquired the kind of hardcore purists that black metal or other such niche interests attract where fun is replicated with the snark’s fascination with authenticity, yet it’s great to see such a passionate scene still flourishing in Merseyside.
Check the queues out the door when Liverpool’s favourite skate hang out and GIT Award backer Lost Art relocated to Slater Street mid July.
Anyways, great music and skating has always gone hand in hand – and when I listen to Bad Meds (featuring Hot Club da ParisPaul Rafferty, Vasco da Gama‘s Dave Kelly and Paul Thomson of Nowhere Fast), I can’t help but think these two go together like cheese on toast.
Bad Meds play their debut gig at FestEVOL on Saturday at the Kazimier.

In related news Hot Club da Paris are midway through their third full length album working with Stooges legend Mike Watt.
Watt, who also played bass in seminal bands The Minutemen and Firehose, is working with Hot Club on their first new material since the 2010 Free The Pterodactyl Three compilation.

I’ve no real connection to the above, but this image came up when I googled Bad Meds and skate or something.
bad meds liverpool festevol punk skaters 3.jpg
Lost Art.




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