R. Stevie Moore, a.P.A.t.T.: The Kazimier, Liverpool


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The very definition of the independent spirit, R. Stevie Moore brings his treasure trove of lost classics to the Kazimier, Getintothis Mick Chrysalid salutes all those that made it possible.

Luminaries of the leftfield, of what was once deemed alternative rock/pop, have been banging on about R Stevie Moore for years.
It’s easy to say now that such a follower was being smart with the DIY aesthetic and he was in it for the long haul. But Moore, is the very definition of THE long haul.
Considering you still get people half his age convincingly talking about what they have had to sacrifice in their pursuit of a paid-for debut album, Moore defines the ethos of the independent spirit.
Big kudos goes out to the likes of IAYB, Postmusic, Deep Hedonia, Obscenic and The Kazimier for ensuring the big man made it to Liverpool.
God love a.P.A.t.T. too, who opened the show. These people make sure-fire technical ability look fun. Such was their virtuosity, Getintothis stood throughout their set with our mouth wide open as the flies settled and made it their home.
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a.P.A.t.T. live at The Kazimier supporting R. Stevie Moore
Packed with ideas, a.P.A.t.T. stormed it. The weird clap, finger -clicking opener was straight out of a Wire Tapper freebie and called to mind a perfect tour combo with the Flaming Lips.
Yet, with all their moments of challenging extremes they also have moments of distinct clarity and beauty. Liverpool’s avant-garde at its tip-top and all in brilliant white.
I remember a few years ago in Liverpool, when another DIY, cult legend Daniel Johnston was wheeled out and as good as he was – he’s was no R. Stevie Moore.
The 60-year-old voice may have cracked but his fingers are bob on – what a player!
R Stevie Moore live at Mello Liverpool.jpg
R. Stevie Moore live at The Kazimier, Liverpool
His band, a young bunch half his age, helped him write his recent batch of songs and in Theorem they hit gold.
Like Ariel Pink‘s psychotic dad or Jim O’Rourke‘s older brother who lives in the basement, he jumps from one genre to the next.
The Winner, dating from the mid 70s, is a deadbeat pop classic. Self-loathing, doubt and all the insecurities in his head brought us to this.
It’s not sad though, it’s a validation. Please, look him up. There are apparently over three hundred albums to forage through. Let’s get started.

Pictures by AB Photography.




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