Pop Levi’s alter-ego Mozambique Courier drops Outergalactic Love Crime package to alter your minds


Mozambique Courier Pop Levi Liverpool cassette review blog.jpg
Pop Levi drops interplanetary electronic orgy via the medium of interweb mixtape.

The last time we heard from Pop Levi he was donning a beautiful silk orange blouse and showing off his guitar dexterity at Sound City 2011.
That’s a fib. We saw him checking out the talent at this year’s festival, assessing the delights of Pond in the Kazimier, but anyways…
Not one to down tools and put his feet up, ol’ Pop’s assembled a fried assortment of prawn-cracker sized electronic nuggets via his Mozambique Courier pseudonym.
Expect tribal freneticism, Herbie Hancock jams, vast swathes of pornographic bleeps and quite possibly the sound of Conservative MP being run over by a milk float.
Getintothis‘ favourite moment arrives around 13 minutes in as the spirit of Lee Perry begins jamming with Black Album-era Prince on some backward loop-da-loop fried synth bilge – it’s so fat you could mop your plate with it.

Running Order:
New Lo-Fi from Greek label TAV-east
0:00 Outergalactic Love Crime #1
1:56 Hydrant
4:40 I ♥ Pin-Ups
7:10 Sunbathing
11:15 Lemon Zest
13:08 Virtual Lover
17:13 Blueberry Jam
20:27 Nipples
22:17 Hotrox
24:51 Electric eYES Turn Me On
27:43 Tape Race




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