Lucky Dragons, Ex-Easter Island Head: Wolstenholme Creative Space, Liverpool


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Lucky Dragons and Ex-Easter Island Head bring a night of instrumental experimentation and technical wonder to Wolstenholme Creative Space, Getintothis’ Jonny Davis feels like a kid in a science museum.

The cramped space of Wolstenholme Creative Space makes for an intimate, absorbing and mesmerizing performance by Ex-Easter Island Head that offers just as much visually as it does sonically. Stare too long and one is lost in a Qatsi-like trance.
In Mallet Guitars Three Ex-EIH have solidified their methods and developed additional techniques for creating their spellbinding soundscapes, proving that their world is both gimmick-less and limitless.
It is important to note that whatever new and interesting ideas they employ, the end product clearly holds more importance than the processes involved. This ensures that the Mallet Guitars series offers genuine longevity rather than mere passing interest.
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Ex-Easter Island Head live at Wolstenholme Creative Space
Any reference to musique concrete now becomes somewhat lazy as they have become simply too musical, groove-led and emotionally rich. Their trademark hypnotic drumstick drones still provide the foundations but the arrangement tonight coupled with a heightened technical proficiency provides an increased depth to the colour of the sound.
Once again, Ex-Easter Island Head have demonstrated how far ahead of the game they really are.
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Lucky Dragons live in Liverpool
Lucky Dragons are an intriguing pair. Comprising of a modest but future-facing setup, they constantly fiddle with the minutiae of eq levels through a visual computer interface that looks like an acid meltdown.
Although beginning slowly due to technical issues, they gradually reach a cosmic plateau achieved through a steady pulse and the Gregorian chant of the smooth, deep female voice of Sarah Rara.
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Lucky Dragons live at Wolstenholme Creative Space
The real draw of a Lucky Dragons‘ performance, however, is their keenness for physical sound manipulation and audience participation. They hand out blank CD’s encouraging the crowd to hover the discs in front of a projector which has been rigged up like a theremin to whoosh and whiz in accordance to movement.
All the while, the band gently rotate a set of striped Perspex sheets to alter the tone of the sound from crashing highs to engulfing lows.
It is always exciting when a band questions the boundaries between artist and audience and although bordering on kids’ science museum territory, this performance is entertaining and offers sufficient musicality to warrant a deeper interest in their work.
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Lucky Dragons live in Liverpool
Pictures by Darren Aston.




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