Kate Nash brings Under-estimate the Girl to Liverpool’s Zanzibar


Kate Nash Liverpool Under-estimate the girl tour Zanzibar.jpg
The Brit Award winning Kate Nash brings her overnight internet viral Marmite to Liverpool’s Zanzibar in blink-and-you-miss-it tour.

While you’d hardly liken it to Dylan going electric, Kate Nash‘s new track Under-estimate The Girl has caused quite a stir.
Written, recorded and unleashed on an unsuspecting public on Friday, it’s a world away from the 2007 UK number two hit Foundations which paved the way for her Best Female Artist at the 2008 BRIT Awards.
At the time of writing, the shrieky, creaky, shouty grimy faux-grunge of Under-estimate The Girl had more than 1000 ‘dislikes’ (clearly outweighing the ‘likes’) on Nash’s Youtube channel while the NME insisted she’d committed career suicide.
Whether the move is a carefully-crafted marketing ploy (it was supposedly written in 24 hours) or simply a throwaway ditty to pre-empt her new album remains to be seen, these ears find it frankly laughable – but that in itself makes it strangely appealing.
One thing’s for sure with half the internet talking about her and guestlist ultra-restricted for her Liverpool date tomorrow, Kate Nash certainly has people talking. And that’s what all the best pop music does.

Kate Nash‘s Faster Pussycat Run Run Tour visits the Zanzibar, Liverpool tomorrow (Wednesday) June 20 from 7:30pm. Tickets.




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