The GIT Award: Mugstar drop soundtrack Ad Marginem and reveal summer plans


Mugstar's Pete at the GIT Award.jpg
Post GIT Award, Getintothis catches up with Mugstar’s Neil and Jason ahead of their new release and summer tour.

It’s Friday tea time. We’re in Leaf. But you’d think we were on the set of Jurassic Park.
Every piece of crockery is shaking, even table legs are quaking. Diners’ faces look distinctly uncomfortable. Tea isn’t on the menu – spacerock most certainly is.
Mugstar are upstairs soundchecking for the GIT Award. And it’s gloriously loud.
When the list of 12 nominees was delivered, there was only one band to kick off the show – and that band was obviously, Mugstar.
Like a long, hard, jab to the gut, the five-piece set the tone for the night with an exemplary display, characteristic of what we’ve come to expect from one of Merseyside’s hardest working bands. And after the Award show we caught up with guitarist Neil Murphy and bass player Jason Stoll to find out there’s much more in the offing.
Mugstar's Pete and Neil at the GIT AWARD 2012.jpg
Mugstar’s Pete and Neil at the GIT AWARD 2012
Getintothis: What did you make of the GIT Award 2012?
Neil Murphy: ‘It was a really good showcase for the diversity and strength of the current Liverpool music scene.’
Jason Stoll: ‘It was really good fun and nice to see a strong positive turn out. Everyone seemed genuinely respectful of each others music.’
Mugstar's Jason Stoll at the GIT AWARD 2012.jpg
Mugstar’s Jason Stoll at the GIT AWARD 2012
Getintothis: What message did you think the GIT Award sent out?
Jason: ‘It highlighted the diversity within the city and the strong support for that.’
Neil: ‘That Liverpool has a vibrant musical culture, not just in terms of musicians, but also venues, promoters and writers.’
Getintothis: What were your highlights from the GIT Award 2012?
Neil: ‘I really enjoyed Ex-Easter Island Head‘s performance, and Stealing Sheep. It was good to see some acknowledgement for the Kazimier too.’
Jason: ‘Stealing Sheep!’
Mugstar's Pete receives their memento at the GIT AWARD 2012.jpg
Mugstar’s Pete receives their memento at the GIT AWARD 2012
Getintothis: Thank you so much for the music and good luck for the future – what’s next for you?
Jason: ‘Cheers, Pete. We’ve got quite a bit coming up – a couple of new albums – Ad Marginem in June and another in October, with three 45’s and a lot of touring!’
Neil: ‘Yeah, our next album is already complete so we’re going to preview some of the new material at our Sound City gig.’

For a full interview and new music with Mugstar visit here.

Pictures by Marie Hazelwood, Matt Thomas and Conor McDonnell.




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