The GIT Award: Bill Ryder-Jones on opera and mixing it up with Liverpool’s new talent


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Despite what John Robb may have told you, Bill Ryder-Jones was present at the GIT Awards – and his exclusive premier of Piggy went down a treat. He tells Getintothis of his highlights from the night and what his future plans are.

They say the press like to embellish the myth and intrigue of rock and roll.
Well, it seemed kind of ironic that journalist and GIT Award host John Robb would announce to the hundreds gathered at Leaf, having just watched the quiet man of Liverpool music, Bill Ryder-Jones‘ soundtrack for new thriller Piggy that the composer to the new wasn’t in attendance.
Of course, he was. Watching somewhat sheepishly, with a number of friends, including Ian Broudie. Typically, Bill let others take the limelight – and the night rolled by.
In fact, it was left to my mum, to grab the only word with Bill – downstairs in Leaf, who remarked what a lovely, young chap he was…
Getintothis caught up with Bill days after the GIT Award to find out what he has in store for the rest of the year.
Getintothis: What did you make of the GIT Award 2012?
Bill Ryder-Jones: ‘I thought the awards were brilliant.
‘I’m embarrassed by how little I knew about all the acts involved. I thought it was a nice touch to acknowledge the guys at the Kazimier too.’
Getintothis: What message did you think the GIT Award sent out?
Bill Ryder-Jones: I’d prefer to see it as acknowledgement for the work being done by musicians and music lovers around Liverpool.
Getintothis: What were your highlights from the GIT Award 2012?
Bill Ryder-Jones: My highlight was definitely Stealing Sheep‘s performance. I thought they were incredible. I also really enjoyed Loved Ones.
Getintothis: Thank you so much for the music and good luck for the future – what’s next for you?
Bill Ryder-Jones: Next for me is a piece of operatic music for the English national opera and then mixing albums by The Catchers and By The Sea.

Piggy – Kieron Hawkes’ film trailer.
Getintothis on The Catchers.
Getintothis on By The Sea.
For a full interview with Bill Ryder-Jones and new music visit here.




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