Liverpool Sound City 2012: Tibi & Her Cello, Clock Opera: Bold Street Coffee, Liverpool Academy Of Arts


Tibi and her Cello live at Liverpool Sound City 2012 Getintothis.jpg
A beautiful Spanish cellist grinds Getintothis’ Thomas Jefferson‘s beans in a coffee shop on Bold Street before high octane beats light up his evening. Liverpool Sound City Day Two just got even more tasty.

Spanish beauty Tibi causes a serious stir in Bold Street Coffee, Liverpool’s premium independent coffee shop.
An unplugged performance is observed by a crowd packed into this intimate setting.
Gorgeous Cello and sweet, tender vocals are accompanied by gently strummed acoustic guitar and accordion.
Though largely folk orientated, there is playful, experimental side, with flamenco number shows off a more experimental sound, which has the vibe of Yann Tiersen, composer of the soundtrack to Amelie.
Each as beautiful and elegant as the next, and despite Bold Street Coffee appearing full, people keep coming until it is impossible to move, yet the room is almost completely in silent awe, interrupted only by the cringing baristas when they are forced to grind more beans.
Rapturous cheers and applause greet the clearly chuffed musicians as they take a deserved bow.
Clock Opera Liverpool Sound City 2012.jpg
Clock Opera Liverpool Sound City 2012
Clock Opera warm up the Liverpool Academy Of Arts for The Temper Trap, but quite probably blow them to smithereens.
Their sound is dramatic in the vein of Interpol, yet is more friendly whilst still delivering a high impact display.
They build up each song with high octane pounding drums, thudding bass lines reverberate through the pit of your stomach, all topped off by a chilling vocal that sends joyous shivers down the spine.
It is an all around body sensation, and even their more melodic stuff works well, allowing the outstanding vocal to shine and pull on the heart strings, while synth manipulations bind all the powerful and strong elements together. Once and for All is a highlight.
Their set is full of slow builds and crashing impact when the waves break is sheer power.
Pictures by Marie Hazelwood and Sakura Zilla.




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