Liverpool Sound City 2012: Salem Rages, Avenging Force, Mind Mountain, Wet Nuns: Screenadelica, The Garage


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Liverpool Sound City 2012 explodes into a rages mess of white noise, psychedelic noise rock and the best slice of punk rock you’ll hear all year. Getintothis Will Fitzpatrick‘s never been so excited in all his life. SRSLY.

Screenadelica is running late. There’s talk of a blown generator, but all it really amounts to is a long wait for every band to start. SIGH.
Mind Mountain at Liverpool Sound City 2012.jpg
Mind Mountain at Liverpool Sound City 2012
Luckily, Mind Mountain are worth it. Welding the most savage of stoner metal riffs to brief outbreaks of kosmische and heavy psych, they dispense with subtleties and deliver an intense synaptic shock – the perfect way to start Friday night, basically.
Yorkshire duo Wet Nuns are similarly interested in the riff, although the frontman’s guttural roar keeps ’em firmly rooted in the hedonistic side of things at The Garage.
Toeing the line between brutal exhilaration and a general sense of ‘meh’, proceedings are livened up by four teens down the front, who dance the night away with nary a care for how cool they look (or don’t). Gotta love that youthful zest.
Avenging Force_Richard B_01.jpg
Avenging Force live at Liverpool Sound City 2012
Avenging Force‘s first show in several years proves a fine choice as well – they only play two songs, although one just happens to last approximately quarter of an hour, and consists of a thrillingly Neanderthal guitar motif played until the audience’s brains are reduced to little more than mush. They rule. HARD.
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Salem Rages live at Liverpool Sound City
Speaking of ruling, Salem Rages ignite Screenadelica with their horror-themed hardcore blast. So wonderfully, compellingly awesome are they that this hack has to resist the urge to completely lose his shit and go totally fucking mosh mental (it’s been a while).
If The Curtain Fall isn’t the best slice of Liverpool punk rock you’ve heard in the last twelve months, you’re using your ears all wrong. Sort it out.
Avenging Force_Richard B_02.jpg
Avenging Force live at Liverpool Sound City 2012
Pictures by Sakura and Richard B.




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