Liverpool Sound City 2012: Bang On, Thunderbird Gerard: The Kazimier, Liverpool


Bang On at Liverpool Sound City 2012.jpg
It’s day three of Liverpool Sound City 2012, Getintothis’ Thomas Jefferson shows no sign of flagging as a GIT Award nominee proves bang on the money.

Bang On, or Elliot Egerton to his mother, bounds down Kazimier‘s virtually vertical stairs with a Tesco carrier bag in hand and immediately launches into a blisteringly energetic set.
We are at the back end of the final day’s festivities and it is though for the modest Kazimier crowd to keep pace with Bang On, quite fire, scatter gun rap approach.
Catching occasional glimpses of his quick-witted, sharp tongue rapping, he clearly has talent, and his boundless energy can only be watched with admiration by those in crowd who have burnt themselves out.
Brash beats and eclectic sounds incorporate brash beats, jungle, dubstep with guitar riffs provide a solid backing for his unique vocal.
Recent single Got It and break through track Hands High are set highlights for a Liverpool rapper who could be destined for the big time.
Apart from having one of the best names in hip hop Thunderbird Gerard and sharpest suits, his music ain’t bad either.
Thunderbird Gerard at Liverpool Sound City 2012.jpg
Thunderbird Gerard at Liverpool Sound City 2012
His mixture of heavy electronic beats draw comparisons with the likes of Mos Def, his rapping style is at times too close to Kanye West and on tracks like Hell Or High Water, Andre 3000.
His set is tight, he is fast and slick, bouncing round the stage and working the crowd into some side-to-side arm swaying, yet it just falls short of one bang on talented youngster from Tuebrook.
Pictures by Richard B and Darren Aston.




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