Early Music


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Whiskey-soaked, windswept Laurel Canyon blues via the water coolers of Liverpool.

Getintothis has already informed you of one Merseyside wonder operating within the same four walls of our Old Hall Street-based dungeon.
So, the two members of Early Music will have to excuse my somewhat blasé attitude when propositioned by the office’s water cooler with the news that they had early demos to send our way. One’s a fluke, two’s simply out of the question…
Well, while we’re not jumping to any wild conclusions that Early Music can match the epic, masterclass drones of Forest Swords, Getintothis is suitably enthused by these early recordings – recordings which recall the innate pessimism of Tonight’s the Night-era Neil Young with the reckless fragility of Jeff Tweedy‘s Wilco. Oh, and a guitar solo which could wrap around the Appalachian mountains.
It’s little surprise that the two ‘people’ Early Music follow on their Soundcloud are City Slang and Bella Union – impeccable taste, an impeccable beginning.

Image by Edwademd.




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