Liverpool Sound City 2012: Still Corners, All We Are, Wonderlust: Leaf Cafe, The Attic, Liverpool


All we are.jpg
On the final day of Liverpool Sound City, Getintothis’ Emma Walsh gets slightly sleepy inside Leaf.

One of the festival’s free gigs, Wonderlust were welcomed onto the tight Attic stage by a host of loyal fans, and for the next half an hour they could do no wrong singing favourite after favourite.
Little beauties such as Tinker Tailor and Love at First Sight had even the unfamiliar up dancing.
And after such musical frolics it was a pleasure to wind down the evening at Leaf with the sublime All We Are.
The trio challenge the sleepy mind with their unusual set up, sharing vocals, so that lead singer Richard O’Flynn is reaching grand ranges while still banging out the beat on drums.
Even when they reach the epic heights of Red Sky or Sooner of Later there is still a lullaby feel to their music, or perhaps it is just the stage of the night?
Still Corners, finishing the night at Leaf upstairs, do little to waken their drifting crowd, with an atmospheric performance which impresses more on the arty projections than the vocals.
It is a very floaty affair, with synth and angelic tones. The 1930s assured me that these guys will ‘probably make it big’ but I get the impression every song could be heard without a band present, or even a singer for that matter.
It could all be a recording, for late night insomnia, it seemed to be helping the guy in front of me who was sound asleep by the time the whole thing wrapped up.




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