Wet Nuns, The Bendal Interlude, Stereo Virgins: The Shipping Forecast


wet nuns.jpg
A night of devastating riffs and hardcore noise, Getintothis’ David Yates is left yearning for more decent metal gigs in the city.

Sheffield blues/punk band Wet Nuns roll into town with a tiny bit of press hype and an EVOL bill full of huge riffs, riffs and more riffs.
Stereo Virgins opened the evening and its fair to say wear their 90s grunge influences on their sleeves, and a huge one is pre-egomania Smashing Pumpkins. There’s a decent band here but to these ears it felt like they were a little too constrained by their grunge template.
The Shipping Forecast‘s cellar often feels like an after-thought and its space is flawed, especially when its rammed, but with a decent crowd and the right music, or better still the right riffs, its actually a decent place for metal – after all what could be more METAL than the bit to the side of the stage that looks like prison bars?
The low ceiling and drawn out riffs of The Bendal Interlude combine to make a sound that would make Steve Mumby real, real mad.
On the evidence of what goes down, most of the crowd are gathered to see Liverpool’s TBI, and its clear why; in spite of the stoner metal tag there is a furious energy here that keeps the mosh slamming round the Hold‘s floor sending cans flying in its wake. It’s bands like this that leave us yearning for more decent metal in the city.
As for The Bendal Interlude‘s following, its a shame they didn’t all stick around for Wet Nuns.
With heavy delta blues from the Deep South (Yorkshire), they’re like a more handsome version of the tragically departed Apple Cannon but armed with some NME hype and Arctic Monkeys endorsement they have sharp clothes and even sharper riffs.
It’s apparent though that musically there’s at least a passing nod to DFA 1979, and these are riffs to dance as much as to mosh to, and as shown in recent single Throttle to accompany the style and hype, there’s real substance.




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