Liverpool Sound City: Handsome Furs, Ghosting Season, Chad Valley, Chain and the Gang: Cathedral Crypt, The Kazimier


Time confusion, Casiotone fumblings and a distinct feeling of disappointment are all eroded as Chain and the Gang once again prove champions on Day One, Getintothis’ Jon Davies perks up as the evening wears on.

Unfortunately my personal fears of being this year’s festival grump were compounded in the opening day of Sound City, as I more or less missed the whole of Handsome Furs set.
Yeah, some start, they ended up finishing up at 8.30pm, not starting as scheduled, which is a real bummer because Handsome Furs, the electro project featuring Wolf Parade‘s Dan Boeckner and wife Alexei Perry, are on paper one of the biggest names of this festival.
So I can’t really say much about the live set, they looked good, if a bit uncomfortable in their last song, and the cavernous surroundings was a bit sonically overwhelming, but there surprisingly was a decent crowd at the Crypt for them.
Umm… Face Control their record is very good, and Dan wore a very fetching white blazer.
So having hauled ass from one side of town I was pleased to see Ellis had stuck to the times at the Kazimier, as Ghosting Season were a real treat.
Despite a lack of classic Kazimier atmosphere Ghosting Season were still doing their best efforts to rock it, with probably the most building shaking bass beats I’ve ever heard.
Maybe sitting down by the PA helped this. According to interviews despite have identical members, Ghosting Season are not worriedaboutsatan, what this means I’m not totally sure, they’ve reduced the dubstep and augmented the techno, and are less ambient and now more about beats. It was good, not sure I can say that about Chad Valley.
That’s harsh, Chad Valley was nice, the schtick a classic one man project singing over home crafted beats. Slightly chillwavey, slightly LCD, not terribly engaging, and ‘Chad’ himself didn’t have the best voice on him. But the beats he made were pretty super, cosmic Casiotone fumblings over speaker blowing drum loops, I’m always a fan of that.
Then I went to see Chain and the Gang and that made my evening much much better. I like how Ian dances like a little baby and was good seeing Ellis trying to dance with him with predictably awkward results.
Pictures courtesy of Conor McDonnell.




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