Top 10: Liverpool Sound City – keeping it local


Getintothis’ Jon Davies reflects on a handful of the bazillion Merseysiders worth your ear-space over the next few days. Really, this is just the beginning…

1. Dogshow
If you’ve seen Dogshow before you know exactly what you’re in for. If you haven’t, especially if you’re visiting Liverpool for SC2010 make sure you bring your dancing shoes with you. Dogshow concoct a delightfully weird brand of happy hardcore and techno, heavy on brain-melting synth work, and most importantly all the sounds made are 100% live, no samples.
2. Barbieshop
One of the Liverpool’s most unique acts, Barbieshop’s command of a’cappella is so impressive that it’s been lauded by both underground and mainstream circles in the city. The fact that they simply do not fit neatly into any grouping allows them to perform with any act (Vivian Girls and Daniel Johnston certain highlights) and stand out from the rest of the bill.
3. Chrik
Chrik are a 2-piece math-rock group that invites both hipsters and popsters to the party. It’s not just the complexity, the unexpected turns, and the telepathic communication between guitar and drums that will please, but the sunny disposition of the songs, and the evident sheer joy of playing music that radiates through their shows.
4. Down and Outs
If you’re a fan of getting sweaty, a bit drunk and shouting ‘Oi!’ Local street-punk band Down and Outs will satisfy your needs. Every song is chockfull of sing-alongs, Clash-style melodies and most with good-time vibes, appealing to all the punk inside, from the Spirit of ’77, 80s hardcore to 90s neo-punk.
5. We Came Out Like Tigers
Having supported some of the UK’s best hardcore acts, a new EP, and a raise in profile for their zine Brickface Press WCOLT have had a great year. They may be an acquired taste, biting instrumentation mixed with spoken word and screaming, WCOLT however deliver an emotionally charged show every time.
6. Bagheera
If you are to come back from SoundCity 2010 with one new band on your lips, we are pretty sure it’s going to be this band. Relative newcomers to Liverpool Bagheera are drenched in reverb and mystery, harmonies that soothe and discomfort simultaneously, their music is a thing of pure beauty and intrigue, where these words cannot possibly do the band justice.
7. Capac
There are few times that today’s dance music can be described as organic and glacial, however Capac’s experimental deviations into post-rock textures allow their music to navigate into your body without a punishing bass drum thud. Above the earthy dance beats float passing clouds of white noise and enveloping melody lines, Capac can be enjoyed either on the floor or on the sofa; a pleasure for the mind and body.
8. Dire Wolfe
A quartet full of charisma and ideas, Dire Wolfe possess an extra dimension that set them apart from the dirge of copycat indie bands. Along with the necessities – catchy hooks, danceable tunes and a great rapport with the crowd – Dire Wolfe venture into Youthmovies and Mars Volta territory with musical acrobatics that make sure they get noticed.
9. Hot Club de Paris
Arguably the biggest act in Liverpool currently, it is simply impossible to not include Hot Club onto this list. Whereas most of the UK’s buzzbands are influenced by the same old Joy Division/Smiths/Blur/Oasis axis, the Liverpudlian trio list stateside stalwarts like Minutemen and Les Savy Fav as influences, offering a truly diverse, yet pop oriented brand of sunshine punk.
10. Barberos
Big hair and beards hidden behind shiny white spandex onesies. But that’s not the most important reason to catch Barberos, a group that ranges between two and five members, who offer drum and synth-heavy noise rock, that often descends slowly into chaos before picking the beat back up again for more thrilling freakouts.




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