Liverpool Sound City: Oh No Ono: The Kazimier


Getintothis’ Amy Roberts mixes it with the Danish Hair Bear Bunch. Oh Yeah!

We mean this in the coolest possible way possible – Oh No Ono are like a contemporary REAL version of the fucking Hair Bear Bunch. Not only are they a visual abundance of fantastic appareled curls, but also so wonderfully running off a different battery from the rest of us that they’re near cartoonish.
A helium infused pop-psychedelic triumph which manages to make time to nod at their influences every chord change or so, these boys know how to co-ordinate a song finale into discordance and divinity.
A cheeky nod to the city they’re playing in provided by what is the best cover version of Tomorrow Never Knows by The Beatles we may have ever heard, secures a place in our hearts so big we may as well be dabbling in class As by this point.
And the ending? Discordant. Faced-paced. Cartoonish. Dissembling itself into a slo-mo symphony which comes to a slowing down spinning top momentum end. Perfecto.
Pictures by Mark McNulty
Amy Roberts writes her own blog Bleached Hem.




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