Voo: Do We Go Now?


If God played 90 second beat pop I’m sure it would sound just like this.

Getintothis‘ favourite Liverpool beat pop combo, Voo, released this around the arse-end of 09. We missed it cos we did. So here it is in all it’s minimalistic majesty. Dig the way animator Matthew Dolan has captured their very essence.

Voo: Do We Go Now?
One day Voo will release a Greatest Hits package – it’ll be a triple disc with about 200 tracks – all between 60 and 120 seconds long – and it will be well boss, lad.
Meanwhile, if you’re after a rather splendid night, you could do far worse than attend Voo’s own club night this Friday (Feb 5) .
The Kkk-razily-named Schnick Schnack Schnuck is at the Everyman where they’ll play alongside North Carolina’s Hammer No More Fingers and Above Them.
More details be here at your local Facebook branch.




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