Hey, y’all! Taylor Swift aint comin to town – DANG!


So, as the world’s media has a reet ol’ chuckle over our mistake what have we learnt from Taylor Swift’s non-appearance in Knowsley? Taylor’s the one on the left by the way…

So, the LOLs were spectacularly on us yesterday, as first the Beeb, then NME, then pretty much the rest of the world, followed suit to giggle in our direction after the Liverpool Echo mistakenly suggested Taylor Swift would be performing at a school in Knowsley.
Unfortunately, the US country poppet was in LA, rather than on Merseyside (her mistake) picking up a best album Grammy Award (a huge mistake) for her record Fearless when instead it should have been little-known Taylor Bright performing at St Margaret Mary’s Catholic Junior School in Huyton.
The powers that be have subsequently apologised, saying: “The Echo regrets the mistake in Saturday’s paper and has apologised to the school’s governors. We are making a donation to school funds as a gesture of goodwill.
In light of such an journalistic disaster here’s what Getintothis has learnt:
1. Kanye West really must try harder to create an internet meme.

2. Taylor Bright likes STRIPEY SOCKS. Awww.

I ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ stripey socks too.

Her myspace mission statement speaks to us all: ‘Music captures and expresses life’s journey. I would like my music to tell the stories of the paths we travel, which allow us to realize we’re all on the same journey.
Taylor Bright has 9122 myspace friends compared to Taylor Swift’s 1758316.
This makes Swifty 192 times more friendly and therefore more successful than Brighty.
In the more powerful and socially acceptable world of Facebook, Swifty has 3,064,118 fans to Brighty’s 1,781.
This makes Swifty 1720 times more idolised and therefore more likely to be assassinated than Brighty.
3. We always liked Dianne Oxberry and her cheery approach to reporting the weather. She’s so sunny and homely. But we like her even more now after sticking up for us on the telebox yesterday teatime, declaring, ‘Everyone makes mistakes!
Dianne Oxberry, Saviour, Champion and Redeemer of Journalistic Cock-ups. Dianne Oxberry <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3 4. THE BBC NEVER EVER GET THINGS WRONG.

We were also going to point out that in their coverage of this incident, NME spelt ‘after’ ‘adfter’ in their intro. But that’d be just pure pedantry…
5. As Swifty collects more Grammys and Brighty collects more stripey socks Getintothis concludes both will probably ‘get over’ this incident. But will the children of St Margaret Mary’s Catholic Junior School?
We’ll end on a positive note from Taylor Hanson:

Hanson: Mmm Bop.




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