Dubai Sound City: The Farm, Irish Village, Main Stage


Altogether now.

The Farm are hilarious. Back-track orchestras, zipped up clobber in 90 degree heat, Trainspotting monologues from the foul-mouthed Renton – you name it, Peter Hooton‘s gang are ticking every box in the book.
And Dubai is loving it.
If Liverpool’s new kids earlier in the day injected a sense of inspiration into proceedings, The Farm have brought the party.
They’re entertainment in anoraks. Daft and doubly jubilant. Everyone’s singing – whether they know the words or not. Most don’t.
Even Hooton’s verging on tuneful.
The big ones are even bigger – Groovy Train raises arms and spirits in tandem while Altogether Now has all the Blues singing in unison.
Bizarre and brilliant – but above all fun.
ps: I never thought I’d be writing any of that.




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