Liverpool Sound City 2009: Jimmy Rae and the Firewalkers: Chameleon


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And now for something completely different.. Holly Simons reports.

Jimmy Rae and the Firewalkers play country music by numbers, evoking memories of wedding bands where someone gets up onstage thinking they’re Elvis. Or something
However good their intentions were – with biting, witty lyrics, songs about sticking your job where the sun don’t shine – this band lacked the subdued and often moody atmosphere associated with the subtle savagery of country.
Somehow, somewhere in this set, they made Walk the Line sound quite jovial.
Perhaps this was purposeful, bringing a new offering to the table.
Their relentless energy impressed despite wavering interest from the audience. Yet their flagrant self-promotion seemed to be lost among Jimmy’s pleas to the crowd through song: ‘give me one good reason to stay‘.
The highlight of my night was the elderly chap I spotted energetically playing the spoons, in the corner of the room – perhaps a new addition to the band?!
Jimmy on firei




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