Liverpool Sound City 2009: Casio Kids, Picture Book, Tokyo Pinsalocks: Magnet


Getintothis’ Andy Paton discovers a plethora of aural sonics at Magnet on the opening night of Liverpool Sound City

Norweigan electro poppers Casio Kids delivered a polite but energetic performance.
Nifty analogue gear was in use and every band member utilized live percussion certainly offering something a bit different.
What they lacked in grit they made up for in pop and it’s easy to see why these guys are touring the world with little standing in their path.
The roadie – which I have my suspicions was a band member – dressed as a bear gave the final nod in soundcheck and their quirkiness was apparent from square one. I wouldn’t quite call it ‘electro theatre’ but it was certainly entertaining.

Casio Kids: Togens Hule (live)
The female Japanese trio named Tokyo Pinsalocks gave a fine electro pop performance to leave this reviewer wanting some more.
Variation suggested these girls might be onto something while their stage attire and broken English added an endearing touch, especially when she announced the fantastic track ‘Mannequin‘.
Some nice old school rave bleeps with an electro funk percussive backdrop, had the crowd bouncing.
They followed this track with an indie pop, slightly heavier number and it was equally effective. Definitely possible ones to watch.
Deep, melodic electronica with some excellent musicianship typify Liverpool’s Picture Book.
The lead singer excelled with blissful violin and a keyboard player adding some virtuoso sax solos. Bliss is the key word. Not your typical three piece, each member offered something different and unique.
Offering Sigur Ros and Royksopp comparisons, they also strayed into Beth Orton territory with fine vocal touches and a soundscape to get lost in.
Casio Kids




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