Singles Club #27


Terry Owen gets in yer face with a flash of brash raucous noise.

Titus Andronicus: My Time Outside the WombSingle of the Week
If the lead singer isn’t trying to sound like Ed Tudorpole I’ll eat my own arse. A lively spunky punky release from their The Airing Of Grievances album, this is a band to keep an eye on.
Loud, raucus, in yer face, bollocks to everything kind of vibes are going down here. Definitely worth a listen.
Le Corps Mince Francoise: Bitch of the Bitches
One would be forgiven for thinking this is a blatant rip off of Toni Basil‘s forever irritating Hey Mickey You’re So Fine. You probably wouldn’t be too far wrong.
With lots of oohs, aahs and handclaps, it’s actually quite catchy whilst also being horribly repetitive. Not all that bad but it sounds like the girly three piece got bored of it half way through and just fleshed it out with more of the above mentioned oohs and aahs. Could have been ten times better if they’d bothered.
The Wombats: My Circuitboard City
While 2008 was a huge year for Liverpool’s Wombats, 2009 promises to offer more of the same.
This though, is unlikely to remembered as one of their best. Sounding dubiously like a an early Jam cast off, MCC suffers from being largely directionless and predictable. Not great.
The Siegfried Sassoon: Muscle Beach
Starting off like a Pacman nerdfest, this release has plenty to offer. Tempo changes all over the shop, prog rock synths that would have Dictionary Corner doyen Rick Wakeman gently caressing his consonants, it’s short but at the same time, quite enjoyable.
The Killers: Spaceman
Sadly, not a cover of Babylon Zoo‘s Levis classic, but instead a mid tempo 4/4 stroll through the motions. With a rousing but ultimately tuneless chorus, it doesn’t really get much more boring than this. Plop.
The Bronx: Young Bloods
Who are the Bronx? They’re the band Green Day could’ve been if they’d paid attention in class more.
Picture yourself hammered in the Swann on Wood Street at 1am. If this came on the jukey, you’d be throwing your arms all over the place. Definitely not one for hangover cure though.
The King Blues: Save the World Get the Girl
Having gained recognition on the festival circuit, this band are sure to gain something of an admirable reputation if this is anything to go by. Not an immediate classic but there’s something there that keeps you wanting a little bit more once the song’s finished.
Getting the album would probably solve that problem. Consider this officially ‘alright.’




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