Hot Club de Paris: Tearing down the house


Coldplay and being told what to do are bête noire to Hot Club de Paris, so it was no surprise that Getintothis was quick to jump at the chance to grab a quick chat with them ahead of their Sound City date and the release of their new record Live at Dead Lake. Alex Curry got involved.
Warning: Hilarious new video included…

Hey! Housebrick by Hot Club de Paris is exactly what modern pop music is all about.
Their experimental style, blending upbeat rhythms with clever beats, and even cleverer lyrics, makes you want to get up and move in whatever way your body takes you. The song may seem strange, but who ever said that was a bad thing?
After nearly a year away from touring, Hot Club de Paris are back with their brand new album Live at Dead Lake, and its lead single Hey! Housebrick.
Vocalist and bass player Paul Rafferty said: “We wrote most of the album over the summer, and then we went over to Chicago to record it. We’ve not toured for about a year, just been doing one-off shows so it’s good to get out their again. We’re about six shows in now.â€?
Following on naturally from their debut, Drop it ‘til it Pops, Paul says the new album “sounds a lot different, there’s lots of instrumentation and the songs are well developed.â€?
Hot Club de Paris are by no means manufactured, and they are quite pleased to be able to do things exactly how they want to.
Paul said: “We get to decide on everything – we’re not Coldplay. If we weren’t allowed to do what we wanted, then we wouldn’t be interested in doing what we do. We’ve never really been involved with bands that are told what to do. It’s not something that we’ve come across.â€?
As with any band, it’s the fans who can make or brake you, but it doesn’t look like the group have any trouble on that front.
“We’ve not put anything out for ages but people are turning up to the gigs and seem to be enjoying themselves, which is good.â€?
So as their current tour continues, what ambitions do Hot Club de Paris set their sights to in the future?
To continue writing music, travelling and being around performing,� said Paul.

Hey! Housebrick is available on 7� and download on May 26, with the album Live at Dead Lake following on June 16.




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