Singles Club #8


Getintothis’ Liza Williams finally clicks with Kate Jackson’s mob while also discovering the worst song she’s ever heard…

The Long Blondes: CenturySingle of the Week
I have always felt slightly let down by the Long Blondes.
A band so obviously influenced by Blondie and Pulp, led by a frontwoman with such impeccable taste in neck ties, should have captured my heart, but something just didn’t click.
However, this latest single from forthcoming album Couples has won me round.
It has more of an electro sound than previous releases which works well with Kate Jackson‘s Human League style spoken vocals and Debbie Harry-esque squeals.
To compare the song to a Futurist cityscape painting in a press release however is just a tad pretentious me thinks.
Truckers of Husk: Physical Education EP
Though the name may suggest otherwise this four-piece hail from Cardiff and have received high praise from Welsh Radio One talent spotter Huw Stephens.
The EP, endearingly recorded in a scout hut, contains five almost completely instrumental tracks and illustrates how much talent lies in their musical fingers.
The Maybes?: Talk About You
There is something comforting about The Maybes? style of music. This track calmly slides and floats along, in the way a person who is bored with a relationship does. “You’re so mundane, your rhetoric numbs my brain, when we talk about youâ€?, sings Nick Ellis – ouch.
Operator Please: Get What You Want
The intro to this song by Gold Coast teenagers Operator Please is fantastic, it’s just a shame the vocals are so damn irritating. Hole fans will lap the whole thing up but the shouty chorus leaves me cold, despite a great rift that runs through the track.
Craig David: 6 of 1 thing
The number one garage sensation himself is back with another piece of indecipherable nonsense. What’s that Craig, you fancy some crisps? you think your girlfriend’s a yo yo? He seems more confused than us.
Anyway, at least C D is not destroying an 80s classic by a musical god this time. If he tries fiddling with China Girl there will be blood.
Bob Sinclar and Steve Edwards: Together
This is possibly the worst song I have ever heard, even in a world where God created the Cheeky Girls, Robbie Williams and Sash. Red coats country-wide will be practising their steps as we speak.
Colbie Caillat: The Little Things
Singles like this emphasise how much of a good thing the recent influx of British female solo artists has been. It is easy to forget that before Amy Winehouse and the artists who have followed there seemed to be far more of this mundane, over produced American rubbish, without any wit, humour or actual emotion.
If Dawson’s Creek was still on, this would be the new title track. Horrible.




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