The Coral: Liverpool Carling Academy


Sarah Gaffney checked out The Coral during the second of their homecoming three-night residency at the Carling Academy…

Despite thinking I’m a fan of the Liverpool music scene, it’s only the second time I have seen James and Ian Skelly, Bill Ryder-Jones, Nick Power, Lee Southall and Paul Duffy in action.
The first time I saw them was at Knowsley Hall Music Festival this year and I missed most of their set as I was slightly preoccupied trying to get hold of some alcohol.
Well it seems it was all worth the wait.
I had the good fortune to see them on Friday night when they were supported by Liverpool legends Shack – the most fitting support act as Deltasonic was formed by ex-Shack drummer Alan Wills because he was so impressed by The Coral.
Shack warmed up the crowd perfectly playing a mixture of new tracks and old favourites, including classic anthem Streets of Kenny.
By the time The Coral reached the stage the excitement was palpable.
They launched straight into an energetic, tight set playing their unique mix of psychedelia, folk and rock’n’roll sounds led by James Skelly’s smooth, sexy voice.
Since The Coral formed in 1996 and have released five albums, there was no shortage of material in their back catalogue for them to trawl through.
Taking songs from their new album Roots and Echoes such as Jacqueline and Fireflies they also performed plenty of classics, Don’t You Think You’re The First, Dreaming of You, In the Morning and Pass It On, much to the delight of their excitable fans.
I read a review of their Wednesday gig which suggested Skelly should engage in more banter with the crowd but I didn’t personally feel that was necessary.
The songs spoke for themselves and the crowd’s reaction to them was talk enough. I don’t know though maybe I’d just had too much beer.
One thing is for certain though, musically they sounded excellent, the crowd seemed to be having a fine old time and I can’t wait to see them again – hopefully they’ll show up as special guests at next week’s Deltasonic Christmas bash.
Now that would be boss la.




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